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Mental Health Care Plan

The GP Mental Health Treatment Plans are for patients suffering from anxiety, stress or depression who would benefit from a structured approach to the management of their treatment needs. Many people suffer from stresses in their lives that significantly interfere with their thinking, behavior, socialisation and emotions.

The treatment plan involves a discussion between your doctor and you, regarding assessment, your needs, goals and actions, referrals and required treatment/services, and review date.   You or your doctor might suggest a referral to any of the following services; a psychiatrist; clinical psychologist, an appropriately trained GP or allied mental health professional for further management of your disorder.

Engaged discussion between a man and a female mental health professional during a session focused on developing a Mental Health Care Plan.

Medicare benefits are available for up to twelve (12) mental health services per eligible patient, per calendar year, to help with the cost of attending these health professionals.

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