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Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback!


Our patient feedback surveys have been evaluated and as requested by our patients we will aim to improve on:

1)   Being able to see a doctor quickly

-         We will continue to triage patients in order to have them seen in a timely matter

-         We will continue asking patients at the end of their appointment if any further appointments are required

-         We now offer “Quick Consults” via Hotdoc for regular patients to be able to request a repeat script and/or a repeat referral online


2)   Keeping appointments on time

-         We will communicate with patients when they check in for an appointment about their wait time

-         We will aim to call patients ahead of time to inform them of major wait times


3)   Making it easier to book an appointment for a day and time that suits the patient

-         We will continue advising patients of our online booking system where patients can book an appointment anytime of the day or night for a day and time that suits them

-         We will start a cancellation waiting list for patients


Thank you again to those who had taken the time to complete our surveys, we appreciate all types of feedback and always endeavor to improve our services.

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