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Fractures due to osteoporosis can have a devastative effect on the health of people. Only 20% of patients with osteoporotic fractures are actually diagnosed or treated for osteoporosis or for any underlying disease.

It is important to identify signs and symptoms of bone health and the contributing factors which can lead to bone weakness, brittleness, and eventual fractures. Fractures caused by osteoporosis can be life threatening and a major cause of pain and long-term disability.

Doctors at Australia Fair provides assessment of bone health status, lifestyle change advice, diet and nutritional consultations, physiotherapy and podiatry services. You can book in with our GPs, if you think you have any of the risk factors below.

Risk Factor 1 - Sedentary lifestyle

If you have minimum mobility, a sedentary lifestyle or do not exercise regularly but a high BMI.

Calculate your BMI : BMI

Weight-bearing, muscle-strengthening & balance-training exercises are best.

Risk Factor 2 - Poor diet/nutrition

Ensure your diet is rich in bone-healthy nutrients. Talk to a nutritionist if you want to know more.

Calcium, Vitamin D & protein are the most important for bone health. Safe exposure to sunshine will help you get enough Vitamin D.

Risk Factor 3 - Poor lifestyle choices

Avoid negative lifestyle habits

Maintain a healthy body weight, avoid smoking and excessive drinking

Risk factors

If you notice any risk factors please bring it to the attention of your doctor, including any fall, fractures, family history of osteoporosis, medication that affect bone health.

Testing & treatment

Getting the right treatment is very important as well as a change from harmful lifestyle is very important to reduce the risk.

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